Sunday, February 01, 2009

NBC's Super Long Bowl

NBC wins the longest Super Bowl award.

Wow, they turned Super Bowl XLIII (43) into an 11 hour and 40 minute event.

Was I the only one in the tIme wARp on this one?

Starting at 12pm ET with the pre-game going on for hours,I check online to see when it's officially to get under way. As NBC fails to let us know, or give a countdown. So, online I find it to start at about 3:30pm ET. Ok... So what was it, 630pm when we finally got the coin toss? Now I realize most people that follow the Super Bowl know this, but you'd have thought that was something easy to find for the rest of us geeks, and to find it CORRECTLY online should not be an issue. Obviously not.

Without going into details or grips about the rulings I was rooting for the underdog Arizona Cardinals. It would have been such a Cinderella story. They almost pulled it off. Good plays from the Steelers.

Final = Pittsburgh Steelers 27 - Arizona Cardinals 23

Springsteen’s Halftime Show
Sorry E Street fans, I've never been one. Don't care for his music or style. But I do give him honors for longevity. Bruce & Max Weinberg move too much like robots for me. I do like Max, but his drumming style drives me crazy. But that's just my opinion now isn't it. Obviously he has many fans, I'm just not one. So don't fault me for that. I know there are some people that don't like the Beatles, not many of them are musicians though (or good ones anyway), so I understand that all of us don't have good taste :P